The Eritrean Postal Service (EPS) has been operating since the Italian colonial era in 1890. The services were provided to its Italian community only. As part of their expansion plan, the Italians established 26 post offices in every main and semi towns. After the defeat of the Italians in 1942, the British Government didn’t take any further action to improve the expansion of postal services country wide. To the contrary, the number of Post office decreases from 26 to 19.  In 1952 after Eritrean was federated with Ethiopia by force, the Eritrean Postal Service was reduced its status to regional post office with  Northern Region Post Office  as a name and was deliberately neglected.  After Independence in 1991, the Eritrean Postal service started its operation with limited activities in Domestic mails only. After the official declaration of independence in April/1993, Eritrean Postal Service (EPS) became member of the United Nations, and in August/1993 member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Since then, the EPS is acting locally as well as within the international postal networks. At present there are a total of 32 postal outlets all over the country.   


Status of the Organization

The EPS operates within the legal and regulatory framework enshrined in the Communications Proclamation No 102/1998 as a self-financing government department under the Ministry of Transport and Communication.  The communication proclamation allows EPS to carry out postal financial services on its account or on behalf of government and non-government agencies and may made directives as to such service with the concurrence of the bank of Eritrea.

 EPS  Managers 
1. Mr. Ghirmatsion Tewelde /General Manager
2. Mr. Feshagiorghis Ogbazghi /Manager Operation Division
3. Mr. Berhe Zerazion /Manager Quality and Inspections Division
4. Mr. Kesete Habtemariam /Manager Finance and Accounts Division
5. Mr. Abdella Adem /Manager EMS Division

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