EMS (Express Mail Service) 

track your mail   (want to know where your mail is!!)

Development from manual to computerised system

Starting from the end of 2003 the Express Mail Service (EMS) has developed the manually executed procedures to computer linked EDI system (Electronic Data Information) of UPU. This EDI system latter develop into IPS (International Postal System) and at present EMS is using the internet service to perform its operation for tracing and tracking of shipment and other data transfer within the UPU. These electronic procedures have improved the quality of service in the international standard.


The Same Day Deliver

  • The Same Day Delivery within Asmara is guaranteed

     Track and Trace track your mail

  • Customers are encouraged to follow their mail through Internet based platform

  • EMS Track and Trace is web based interface that facilitate the Mail Tracking services online

  • By only providing your mail ID number, you  can follow up the status of your mail life cycle

The EMS service shall be the quickest postal services by physical Means

  • Documents and Merchandise acceptance

  • Documents & Merchandise Delivery (After customs clearance)

  • Preparations of EMS dispatches to respective destinations

  • Transportation of mail (Conveyance)

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