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Status of the Organization

The EPS operates within the legal and regulatory framework enshrined in the Communications Proclamation No 102/1998 as a self-financing government department under the Ministry of Transport and Communication.  The communication proclamation allows EPS to carry out postal financial services on its account or on behalf of government and non-government agencies and may made directives as to such service with the concurrence of the bank of Eritrea.

EPS  Managers

  1. Mr. Ghirmatsion Tewelde /General Manager EPS
  2. Mr. Feshagiorghis Ogbazghi /Manager Operation Division
  3. Mr. Berhe Zerazion / Manager Quality and Inspections Division
  4. Mr. Kesete Habtemariam / Manager Finance and Accounts Division
  5. Mr. Abdella Adem /Manager EMS Division


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